San Antonio Guardianship Lawyers

Setting Up Guardianship

Guardianships are set up to protect and assist those who are unable to adequately care for themselves regardless of the age of the individual. The laws concerning Guardianships can be complicated and require the assistance of a qualified San Antonio Guardianship attorney. Guardianships preserve the rights of the person to the fullest extent possible while also providing the care and assistance with the things they are no longer able to perform. This incapacitation can come about for many reasons including disease, injury, or mental disability and can be temporary or permanent. Likewise, guardianships can also be set up in this manner - temporary or permanent. Different factors are taken into account to determine the extent of the incapacitation. The alleged incapacitated person must be largely unable to:

  • supply himself/herself with food, clothing or shelter.
  • care for his/her own physical health.
  • manage his/her own financial affairs.

The extent of the incapacitation of the person will determine the amount of authority the guardian will have – either broad or limited.

The decision to seek guardianship is often a difficult one wrought with emotions for all parties involved. In the cases of incapacitation caused by diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and dementia it is wise to set up a guardianship as soon as possible. It is often a source of comfort for the incapacitated person to know that he/she will be well taken care of as the disease progresses. Our San Antonio Guardianship attorneys are experienced in setting up guardianships on many levels. We can help take the stress out of the process and ensure that the guardianship is set up properly. If you feel you may have a situation warranting a guardianship contact our San Antonio Guardianship attorneys today.

Contesting a Guardianship:

We also represent individuals who may be contesting a guardianship. There may be an objection to the determination of incapacity. An illness causing temporary dementia may have cleared up leaving no need for a guardianship. The designation of a particular person as guardian may also be contested. Whatever the objection may be, call our San Antonio Guardianship lawyers today for skilled counsel in contesting a guardianship.